WIS Botanic Soothing Hydrating Face Facial Mask Sheet 24 Pack for Dry & Sensitive & Oily Skin Hyaluronic Acid Anti Aging & Wrinkles

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WIS is a skin care brand developed in cooperation with Switzerland. It is the top five skin care brands in China.
WIS is committed to provide a better care experience for the skin.

Skin typeuit for all skin types
Expiration date6 Months
Net content5 g×24 pieces
Functionoistening/moisturizing/nourishing/ improve dullness/balance oil-water/shrinking pores/tighten skin/anti-aging/anti-wrinkle etc.

Index of the tenderbr> Index of the nourish
Index of the moist
Index of the absorption

*Main Benefits*
What skin type problem suits: Suitable for all skin type/Especially for rough and dry skin.

*Main Benefits*
WIS cooperate with Swiss Rahn Group,getting the selected ingredients from Swiss.
1.Centella Extract:tighen skin and improve elasticity
2.Hamamelis Virginiana Extract:improve rough pores and moisten skin.
3.Glycine Betaine:regulate moisture and grease of skin
4.Hyaluronic Acid:it works with plant extracts and acts as apowerful hydrating agent.

[Method of use]
Step 1:Carefully clean your face.
Step 2:Apply the mask to your face and gently press it with your fingers to make it fully adhere to your face.
Step 3:Relax the spirit to enjoy the wonderful time of 15-20 minutes, let the skin fully absorb the nutrients in the mask.It also can adjust the time according to the individual situation.
Step 4:After using the mask, please discard it and gently press the face with your fingers to absorb all the essence.


[MOISTURIZE DRY SKIN] Hyaluronic acid,Allantoin and Betaine can help increase skin moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizing your face for smooth and soft. | [CONTROL OIL&FIGHT ACNE] Witch Hazel extract soothe and cleanse the skin,removing skin excess oil,help minimize the redness and inflammation that occur when pimples pop up,Centella Asiatica extract wound-healing properties,promotes collagen production to prevent scarring,repair the skin barrier. | [SOOTH RELIEVE SENSITIVE] Chamomile Flower extract as traditionally-soothing herbs,can help to reduce skin irritating itching,calm and refresh the skin and relieve environmental stress,turn the skin into a good condition. | [PLANT BASED MASK] Formula with plant extracts and natural ingredients , no harmful to your skin ,alcohol free , parabens free and cruelty Free. | [GENTLE TO USE] Mild enough for all skin type , insist on using as daily skin care routine,give you a healthy, glowing, refreshing and youthful face.



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