WOLF PROJECT | HYDRATING FACE LOTION FOR MEN - Lightweight Gel, Mens Lotion, Daily Routine With Powerful Natural Extracts, Fast Absorption, Anti-Aging, Facial Fuel, Morning Burst Moisturizer

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Korea is arguably the world's leader in skin care cosmetics. Check out the perfect skin on those Korean soap stars, and you'll see what we mean. We worked with a top Korean beauty manufacturer to fuse the latest skin care with ancient natural ingredients.

Our formulas are proven to fight against skin-aging, dryness and inflammation to help achieve that flawless skin we're all after.

GINGER ROOT EXTRACTS There are around 40 antioxidants found in ginger, which makes it a powerfully anti-aging solution. It prevents damage from free radicals and strengthens the skin. It's also a great acne-fighting ingredient, thanks to the roots antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

BAMBOO WATER EXTRACTS Simply said, there are two things for which bamboo water is great. First, When you put bamboo on the skin, it goes to find and fight the free radicals that cause premature wrinkles. Second, and the Chinese have known this for centuries, If you cut your skin and put bamboo on it, it'll heal faster. This makes is a great complement for your after shave routine!

TEA TREE LEAVES EXTRACT: Camellia SinensisÂÂ has been known for centuries for its powerful purifying properties. Japanese Geishas used it on their daily routies to keep their skin flawless. It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants particles which reduces acne inflammation and reduces the appearance of red angry acne.


NATURAL INGREDIENTS, formulated with three traditional Korean herbs, Ginger Roots, Bamboo Extracts and Tea Tree Leaves. | à °Å ¸â€ ? ?ANTI-AGING, thanks to our selection of natural herbs like ginseng, tea tree or bamboo water extracts. | ?SUPER LIGHT CONSISTENCY, A water-gel lotion with a very quick absorption so you won't be late for your morning meeting. | à °Å ¸– ¤UNIQUE BLEND of herbal ingredients and woody fragrances help deliver serenity to the skin and to the mind. | à °Å ¸â€ ?†?CRAZY EASY TO USE: After using the Face Foaming Cleanser, gently dab onto your face and rub into your skin. Use daily.



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