WOLF PROJECT | SHEET MASK - Hydrating face mask sheet - Box of 5, For Men,Charcoal Face Mask, Antiaging powerful natural serum, Bamboo charcoal sheet, Vitamin B3 & Plant Extracts, healthy skin

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Korea is arguably the world's leader in skin care cosmetics. Check out the perfect skin on those Korean soap stars, and you'll see what we mean. We worked with a top Korean beauty manufacturer to fuse the latest skin care with ancient natural ingredients.

🔝 Our formulas are proven to fight against skin-aging, dryness and inflammation to help achieve that flawless skin we're all after.

🔝 The sheet is made by organic bamboo charcoal.Its porosity allows the serum to quickly penetrate into the skin, and its elastic properties make it fit perfectly to the skin of the face of a man.

🔝 Tea tree leaf extract (Camellia Sinensis) is known for its powerful purifying properties. It contains anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidants particles help reduce angry acne inflammation.

💡 Did you know#x1F4A1;

🇯🇵 Japanese geishas are said to have used it on their daily routines to keep their skin flawless.

🌿 There are dozens of antioxidants found in ginger, making it a powerfully anti-aging solution. It also prevents damage from free radicals and strengthens the skin. it's also a great acne-fighting ingredient.


What it does: in just 15 minutes, this charcoal face mask helps erase those annoying fine lines and restore your skin😄💧 | 💡How it works: The bamboo charcoal sheet & ultra-hydrating serum to quickly penetrate into all the layers of your skin.👍 | 🍃Ingredients: Our signature mask's power comes from 10 natural extracts including ginger root, tea tree and many more🌱 | 🔔How to use: First cleanse your face. Then, put the mask and leave it on for 15 minutes. Remove it, gently pat the remaining serum on your skin. | 🔍

What's inside: Includes 5 individually-wrapped mask sheets



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