Wolfin Pro- Premium Curved 360 Wave Brush, 100% Natural Schima Superba Wood with Reinforced Pure Black Medium Boar Hair Bristle - Perfect for Wolfing, Creating 360 Layer Hair Waves, Cultivating Beards

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Surprising Benefits of Hair Brushing (and why the kind of brush matters). Benefits of brushing your hair with our Wolfin Pro Brush is Cleansing. Did you know that brushing your hair is a form of dry shampooing! Proper brushing can eliminate waste materials, including deposits of uric acid crystals, catarrh and other acids and impurities that build up and become encrusted on the scalp. (I know, that sentence is totally gross.)

Brushing Conditions and Strengthens Your Hair. Yep, the benefits of hair brushing go beyond simply cleaning your hair, it also conditions. (Talk about a two in one shampoo/conditioner!) Scalp stimulation from both hair brushing and scalp massaging help distribute your natural sebum evenly through the hair. Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that help prevent hair and skin from drying out. This helps your overall hair health and keeps those shiny locks resilient and strong.

Why Choose Our 360 Wave Brush/b>

- All those tangles in your hair will be a thing of the past.
- You will notice that your hair has a much better shine to it than before due to a more even distribution of your favorite beard oil or balm.
- You will notice your hair is much neater than before.
- Your beard will have much less hair breakage due to the use of the 100% natural boar hair.
- You will also notice cleaner hair, once again due to the use of 100% boar hair.

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We recommend the 100% Pure Black Medium Boar Bristle Brush for your head, mustache, and beard. Perfect Gift for Yourself or Loved Ones!


à °Å ¸â€ � ¥ GREAT CONTOUR DESIGN- Special curved design is perfect for maximum contact to your hair and head. Ample size (5.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches) will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand (no skimpy brush here)! Look fly with your perfect waves with your stylish Wolfin Pro brush. Perfect medium/ soft bristle stiffness... not too hard, not too soft. | à °Å ¸â€ � ¥ WOLFIN PRO QUALITY GUARANTEE - If you're ever unhappy with your curved brush, Contact Us for our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Please note there are hundreds of thousands of boar hairs in the brush, so it's only natural that the brush will shed hairs for the first few uses. | à °Å ¸â€ � ¥ AVOID MESSY-HAIR SYNDROME - Regular brushing keeps your waves free of crumbs and in shape, while exfoliating your scalp to remove any flakiness that plagues the unkempt wave. Our sturdy Comb to curve your hair for trimming to properly shape your 360 waves and fits in your pocket | à °Å ¸â€ � ¥ SUPER EASY TO CREATE WAVES - Experience unmatched comfort with our Reinforced Pure Black Medium Boar Hair Bristle. Create long lasting great waves with less effort and see major progress in less time. Spend less time brushing and look handsome for the whole entire day! | à °Å ¸â€ � ¥ SAFE FOR YOUR HAIR AND THE PLANET - This Wolfin Pro Brand hair grooming wave brush is made of unsustainable Schima Superba Wood, a high-static material, with saw cut bristles that are rounded off to prevent damage to your curvy and straight hair. Schima Superba Wood is sturdy but flexible enough that the bristles won't break during long usage.






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