Wonders of The Brain Science Kit, Explore The Human Brain, Ages 10+

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Brain Science Simplified Embark on a scientific exploration of the most complex object in the universe-the human brain! Wonders of the Brain Science Kit is an introduction to both brain science and psychology that shows how our thoughts, feelings and behavior are linked to the structures and functions of the human brain. Through the hands-on activities and learning materials of the kit, you will explore the anatomy of the human brain along with such wonders as perception, emotion, language, memory and consciousness. Designed for anyone who wants to better understand themselves and others, Wonders of the Brain offers surprising insights that may change your views about what makes us human. Purchase Wonders of the Brain to start your exploration now.


ENGAGING AND FUN: Includes hands-on activities and more than 60 full-color components all about the human brain. | EDUCATIONAL VALUE: Features an easy-to-read 48-page instruction guide with colorful illustrations, activities, fun facts and 12 thought-provoking units that describe wonders of the brain like perception, memory, emotion, language and intelligence. | HANDS-ON LEARNING: Build an easy-to-assemble life-size 3-D model of the human brain created from illustrations of actual human brain slices. Along with the included flash cards and posters, the model helps students to visualize the location, size and spatial relationships among brain components. | BRAIN SCIENCE SIMPLIFIED: Engaging descriptions and accurate information with brain anatomy posters and 54 flash and activity cards covering brain structures and functions, vocabulary and pronunciations, optical illusions and more. | GREAT GIFT: A unique science/STEM kit for students, young scientists and inventors ages 10 and up. Perfect for learning at home or in the classroom.

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