WUNDER2 SUPER-STAY LINER - Long-Lasting & Waterproof Colored Eyeliner - Highly Pigmented and Easy-Glide Pencils, 24-hour wear, €˜Essential€™, €˜Metallic€™ and €˜Glitter€™ - Essential Black

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SUPER-STAY LINER- Long-Lasting & Waterproof Colored Eyeliner These highly pigmented and easy-glide pencil eyeliners are perfect to create a full lash line or a playful, colored look that lasts all day. SUPER-STAY LINERS are available in the three waterproof collections of 'Essential', 'Metallic' and 'Glitter' finishes to complete any makeup look depending on your mood. Our 24-hour wear SUPER-STAY LINERS ensure that after just one application, your look will stay set and picture perfect from morning to evening!



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