YBOBK HOME Bento Box, Stainless Steel Insulated Microwave Safe Stackable Bento Lunch Box Container with Bag for Adults (Green)

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Are you tired of having fast food for lunch every dayAre you worried that it is bad for healthNow the insulated bento lunch box helps you to pack lunch for work, tour, picnic, and so on. It is very easy to open or close, and it is big enough. Three containers keep your food separated and contained. You could stack up or down the lunch box depending on how much food you are taking for the day. It can keep the temp for about 3 hours with the heat preservation lunch bag. If you put food in very hot in the morning, it will be still warm during lunch time. Also the stainless steel interior is easy to clean. If you like to prepare your meals and eat healthy, this stackable lunch box would be the great choice! Advantages: 1. Microwaveable Container There is a plastic layer in the main container, which can be put in the microwave to reheat the food for less than 3 minutes instead of cooking the food, it is good for person that sometimes can not have lunch on time. Of course, it could just be used as a lunch container to keep the food separated for freshness. 2. Durable U-shaped Clips The U-shaped clips on both sides of the lunch box are tight and durable. It is safe for your food and it won't loose even if you shake the stackable lunch box. It is easy to use. 3. Foldable Handle The foldable handle will save space and make it easy to put the lunch box into your bag and carry around. 4. Insulated Lunch Bag Adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. Suitable for kids to school, adults to work, exercise, picnic and camping. Box Contains: 1 x lunch box (6.14 x 5.63 in) 1 x lunch bag (8.27 x 7.09 in; shoulder strap length: 23.62 - 40.94 in) 1 x spoon No more brown-bag lunches or disposable plastic and paper containers. Eating fresh and healthy food wherever with YBOBK HOME bento box, convenient to pack the food and carry around.


?Safe & Healthy?Interior is made from high quality food-grade stainless steel, BPA-free, never rust, does not retain flavors or scents; The exterior and dividers are made from food-grade safe plastic, non-toxic and odorless; so you could use it with confidence | ?Unique & Multifunctional?The plastic layer in the main container is microwaveable, you could use it to reheat the food or just to hold the food; it could be removed so the main container can be used alone to hold a larger content, depend on your preference and the food you are going to take | ?Leak & Spill Proof?The lid of lunch box has a heavy-duty silicone seals to prevent leak and spill, you could put the hot soup in the first layer; it is very tight to lock in freshness, leaks and odors, but the plastic valve could be lifted up to release the pressure and make it easy to open | ?Stackable & Flexible?2 layers but 3 compartments, you could stack them up or down, and combine them flexibly into single or double layers as needed | ?Insulated Bag Included?Made of felt fabric and food grade aluminum foil lined interior, it can not only enhance the insulation, but also make it easier to be carried around









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