YOLOPLUS+ 17 Inch Kids Ukulele Guitar Toy 4 Strings Mini Children Musical Instruments Educational Learning Toy for Toddler Beginner Keep Tone Anti-Impact Can Play with Picks and Strap (17 Inch-2)

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Ukulele is a great way to take laid-back tropical atmospheres anywhere, whether you're strumming in a hammock on the beach or kicked back in a recliner in your living room, a ukulele is a great way to spread some good vibrations. Our toy Ukulele can stimulate children through every stage of development and help cultivate their sense of music, learn basic notes and rhythmic patterns, and put on show for their favorite audience--you, of course. Get To Know About Your Ukulele: Get To Know About Your Ukulele: · ·Measurements -17 Inch -17*5.5*1.8 inch. 21 Inch- 21.7*7.1*2.6inch · ·Materials - We chose the most popular non-toxic environmental protection ABS plastic to build the body of this ukulele,while the strings remade out of nylon that is incredibly popular and used for many musical instrument including guitars to make sure this ukulele produces the best sound it can. · ·Patterns-3 different designs in total for you tochoose,including rosewood,spruce wood and classical printing. Why My Ukulele Not Keep ToneWhile tuning your uke, stretching your strings is essential to ensure that new strings don slip out of tune during practice session. Once you're in tune, slip your index finger beneath each string and give it a gentle tug upward. As the slack is let out of each string, it will naturally go flat.To correct this during the stretching process, always re-tune the string to standard pitch immediately after stretching Repeat this process several times prior to playing and youl find that your ukulele stays in tune without slipping. Pls note that this happens on new strings, not an issue of the quality of our product.


MINI & SAFE TOY UKULELE -- Our kit includes: 1 17-inch mini Ukulele, 1 Ukulele strap and 1 gliding fret. Made from environmental friendly ABS plastic material, does no harm to little kids’ body | ADJUSTABLE STRINGS & EASILY TUNABLE -- Four carbon nylon strings, not easy to break and user-friendly to your fingers | FRIENDLY DESIGN FOR YOUR HAND FEELINGS -- Spruce surface ABS body, sweet sound, comfortable grip and chord distance, gliding fret, coating surface design prevents fingers being hurt | WONDERFUL GIFT FOR CHILDREN -- Nice gift for children on Christmas, birthday, Children’s Day, and for party. Similar design to concert Ukulele except the material is cheaper and smaller, which makes a reasonable price for your little one or a beginner to practice without worrying breaking the instrument. Perfect introduction to teach kids about the world of music, developing their musical aptitude | LIGHT-WEIGHTED AND SIMPLE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT -- Small size & easy to carry, your little one can carry his/her own instrument around and feel like they’re THE musical genius, developing their musical aptitude









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