You Know Social Skills Games and Therapy Games, A Fun Game That Opens Communication and Encourages Meaningful Conversations to Establish Relationships

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👇 Ways To Use You Know - One of The Top Therapeutic Games on The Market 👇 In Counseling Groups To Build Social Skills And Positive Communication In A Small Group Setting Such As A Classroom, Camp, Or Team Building Activity With Your Family - Provides Insight Into Children's Social Skills, Decision-making Process, Frustration Tolerance, Level Of Respect For Rules & Boundaries, And Problem-solving Abilities. In Individual Counseling Sessions as an Assessment Tool that is in Alignment with Solution Focused Counseling - You Know was developed by a Therapist. Great For Adults, Teens And Children


🔷 FUN CBT GAME FOR EVERYONE: Great for family game night. Used by many teachers, school counselors, therapists, and small group settings. | 🔷 SELF ESTEEM BUILDER FOR KIDS, TEENS, AND ADULTS: Perfect for rapport-building and starting meaningful conversation that encourage players to reflect on their existing strengths and weaknesses. | 🔷 PROMOTES POSITIVITY: Thought provoking questions that reinforce a positive self image. | 🔷 ICE BREAKER + RELATIONSHIP BUILDER: Encourages players to get to know each other better, all while building confidence and focusing on the positive. | 🔷 MADE IN THE USA - You Know: For 2-6 players, ages 7+, Includes 2 decks of playing cards (108 cards total)









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