Youniverse Create Your Own Lava Lip Gloss Lab Craft Kit by Horizon Group USA, DIY 5 Lip Glosses, Mix & Create Compounds for Cosmetics, Assorted

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Create oozy shimmery lip glosses that move like lava with the You*Niverse lava lip gloss lab! Learn the science behind making your own line of one-of-a-kind fruity lip glosses and keep your lips hydrated. Experiment with different fruity flavors to create the perfect scents for 5 lip glosses. Simply mix the ingredients and fruity flavors into your lip gloss tube and watch how it moves around once you are done. Include shimmer with vibrant and glittery ingredients. Recommended for ages 6 and up.


Science & Cosmetology kit: Learn to create 5 lip gloss based on your personal style and creativity | Science is chic: use basic chemistry skills to create compounds used for cosmetic essentials | Experiment and analyze: mix and test different fruit flavors as you create a scent all your own | Lava effect: once your lip gloss is complete, watch it move inside the lip gloss tube with the consistency and shimmer of lava | Great for gifting: the perfect gift for the creative kid who loves cosmetics | Download user guide below | Age range: 6 years & up





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