Zhu Zhu Pets - Birthday Party Chunk 4 Hamster Toy with Sound and Movement

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Celebrate a Zhu Zhu Pets birthday with Chunk! This interactive hamster is so excited; he wearing his best party outfit! Measuring 4long, Chunk is wrapped up just like a present! With a red gift bow on his head and colourful outfit to match, Chunk can wait to scurry across the dance floor. Get him moving to the music by pressing down on his lower back. Using the sensor built into his nose, Chunk will whizz and scurry around, avoiding any obstacles. To hear his adorable sounds, press down on the back of his neck! This hamster is a furry, adorable replica of the beloved hamster from the Zhu Zhu Pets TV show. Bring him home and blow out the candles with Birthday Party Chunk!


Help Chunk celebrate his birthday! This super cute replica of the hamster from the Zhu Zhu Pets TV show is wearing his birthday best! Check out his red gift bow hat and multi-colored outfit, he's ready to start dancing! | Chunk is 4" long with light blue fur. He comes with a sensor built into his nose, to help him navigate the dance floor! | Have a chat with Chunk! Push down on the back of his neck and he'll make sweet hamster noises. | Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Chunk is made for kids aged 4+. 2 x AAA (LR03) 1.5V batteries included. | Includes: 1 Chunk Hamster, Instructions Sheet and Collector Card









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