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Intelligent Math Sticks Specification:

Math Toys List:

1 x Wooden toy container
1 x Double Sides Board (Clock&Calculation sides and Blackboard side)
1 x Blackboard Eraser
100 x Math Sticks(Blue,Red,Green,Yellow,some for spare)
69 x Wooden Math Numbers
11 x Wooden Sympols(Including 2 questions,Add, Subtract, Multiply,Divide,Larger/Less Than )
3 x Chalk Pens in small white box
1 x Double Sides Board (Wooden Board with teaching clock and Chalkboard)
1 x Blackboard Eraser

Clock&Calculation Boards

Our toy can help kids to cognize the clock and time.There are both Snake Clock and watch behind.Parents can set clock/watch first,then ask kids to set the watch/clock.Make them the same,Just as the picture shown.

Calculation Boards
As the picture showed,there are 2 areas for calculation,the Top and lower right corner of the boards.You can make the maths problem and the kids make its result

Math Sticks Manual
There are 4 colors sticks,will help kids to cognize the different colors.
Also 100 pcs more sticks can help kids to learn maths and play the toy very well
This is a great learning tool for preschool/kindergarten aged children.

But Please note:These items are small,so parents need to take care of the kids safe.


[SAFE MATERIAL] :Non-Toxic&Child Safe,Natural &High Quality wood, Non-toxic paint, safe to children | [NUMBERS&Symbol CONGNITIVE ABILITY] : There are NO.1-100 number cards and 100 PCS Colorful Sticks can help kids to learn the simple math operation much easier and more directly than using fingers | [MULTIFUNCTION BOARDS And STICKS] : Kids can do math operation with sticks, congnize clock and time on the calculation board. They also can write or draw on the other side blackboard.Parents can do 1+2=? simple questions with sticks for kids | [GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS] : Best choice for kids birthday/Christmas gift. A lot of fun in this math toy to learn. It can develop kid's intelligence, practical manual ability,logic brain development and counting skills | [WARM MOMENT For FAMILY] :When kids do the math,parents should supervise and teach them.More importantly,its a warm moment for family members to promote the feelings everyday



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